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Major Changes Afoot: Magazines on Cartridge

April 3, 2013

Magazines on cartridge are being shipped to your mailbox this month.  The gaily colored red mailing container and the pale blue magazine cartridge should be easily identified.

Besides the cartridges, there are other differences in this new service as compared to magazines that came in the cassette format.

OLD FORMAT:  Magazines on Cassette were sent with one magazine loaded per cassettes.  Patrons kept the cassettes or threw them away.

NEW FORMAT:  Magazines on Cartridge are sent with one or more magazines loaded on them.  Cartridges MUST BE RETURNED.  If you do not return the cartridges, your magazine service will be put on hold until you do. 


New magazine format.

Red magazine container and light blue cartridge.

Please read the magazines promptly and return the cartridges in the same cases that they were sent in.   This is very important if you want to continue to get new issues.   Otherwise your magazine service will be stopped until the cartridges are returned.  The cartridges must be returned so they can be reused for new editions of magazines.

Our reader advisors  will be notified when you are in danger of losing your service,but please do not wait for your reader advisor to contact you.  Returning these magazine cartridges in a timely manner is your responsibility; waiting to mail them makes it more likely that they will be misplaced. Just as with your digital book cartridges, it is very important that you keep the book or magazine with the container it came in at all times.  Cartridges returned in the wrong containers may be out of circulation for months as we search for the original container to find out who returned the item so it can be checked in.

We appreciate your help in returning the cartridges promptly.


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