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Feature Author of the Month: Linda Lael Miller

October 8, 2012

Linda was born in Spokane, Washington, daughter of a town marshal.  After high school, she married and lived in Italy, London and an Arizona horse ranch before going back home to Washington in 2006.  She is a best-selling author of more than 100 contemporary and historical romance novels.  She has written several single books and series. Listed below are a few that we have recorded for listening.


Best known is the McKettrick series which is a western/romance with the stories taking place in Arizona territory 1884.  They are:

DB55523 High Country Bride   DB 57177 Shotgun Bride   DB60269 Secondhand Bride

DB60571 McKettrick’s Choice   DB65892 Sierra’s Homecoming   DB64173 McKettrick’s Luck   DB65074 McKettrick’s Pride   DB65081 McKettrick’s Heart

DB65874 McKettrick’s Way   DB68594 McKettrick’s Christmas


Also, the McKettrick’s of Texas Series:

DB70648 Tate   DB71485 Garrett   DB71531 Austin   DB74569 A Lawman’s Christmas


Montana Creeds Series: Stories take place on a Montana Ranch

DB68504 Logan   DB68515 Dylan   DB68892 Tyler   DB70048 Creed Country Christmas   DB72831 A Creed in Stone Creek   DB73454 Creed’s Honor   DB73475 The Creed Legacy


She has a mystery/detective series: Clare Westbrook Series

DB57120  Don’t Look Now    DB59011 Never Look Back   DB61854 One Last Look


Other series of book available are:

Stone Creek Series (about a character Ranger Sam O’Ballivan)

Mojo Sheepshanks Novel (mystery/occult stories take place in Arizona)


She also has individual stories that are not in a series.  Please call us at 800-426-0709 to request these books  and inquire about the other books available.

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